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Six Biggest Benefits of BIM & Outsourcing its Services

Building Information Modelling (BIM) for AEC projects is increasingly being outsourced in the industry. With BIM software facilitating automation and accuracy of large-scale construction, BIM partnerships have emerged as an executive wing. BIM partners step in for Modelling our designs right from the concept stage until construction documentation and post-handover services.

BIM partners can organize the content of a project from the architecture, MEP, structural and PMC teams into a central model to collate all information about a building. They also play a key role during clash detection and on-site issue resolution meetings with the help of the organized central model. Furthermore, BIM partners can ensure aspects like team management, software licenses and tech equipment for the project documentation, are all covered by their team.

Understanding its benefits and checking if they align with your requirements can help decide on outsourcing BIM services. Here are some advantages:

Cost Reduction of a Project

For building owners, employing BIM to construct their property assures around 20 per cent of overall cost’s savings. BIM helps with effective spending through all stages of a design and is a good strategy to counter skyrocketing construction rates.

Besides, forming a BIM team in an office seems a financial far cry. BIM partners have teams that collaborate with all stakeholders to make proper documentation. Hence, outsourcing comes at a purchasing rate, as compared to the various costs incurred for in-house talent and tech investment. Therefore, AEC firms can focus on their competencies, while counting on BIM partners to handle sudden hikes in construction demand. Investments are minimized and profits are maximized.

Increased Construction Quality

BIM set-ups in our offices can consume time and energy reducing the productivity of live work. Outsourcing them can ensure BIM tasks are covered by a partnering workforce and the process is not hindered. Delivering BIM projects within tight deadlines, limited workforce, and operational complexity are hence overcome. BIM is known to improve construction quality by 50%.

Efficient Design and Construction Process

Since the workflow is completely organized with a BIM Execution Plan (BEP) by the partners, responsive and transparent collaboration and communication are positive. This makes a BIM model comprehensive and clear and avoids conflicts, confusion and reworks. Thereby the overall efficiency is known to increase by 55 per cent.

Effective Collaboration Among All Stakeholders

BIM outsourcing in India offers expertise as ready-made services. The team consists of certified architects and engineers who provide accurate drawings. BIM partners’ prior experience can also reflect in how well the intimate knowledge can be confidentially organized. Additionally, periodical audits of the project content are performed. Additionally, prompt delivery is also ensured when any requests are made to the outsourcer during the entire project period.

Overall Performance of The Building

BIM can suggest ideas in the pre-construction phase for efficient post-handover operation. The benefit is a reduced operational and maintenance cost once occupied. BIM also assesses the energy demands of the design and provides alternatives to mitigate excess usage. This adds to cost-reductions benefits pre and post-handover.

Ease Of Outsourcing in India and Time Zone Advantages

BIM outsourcing in India opens up a vast pool of professionals. They offer the work ethic, and expertise to take your project through to completion. The West also finds it cost-effective to avail of Indian BIM services. Alternatively, If a firm in India seeks outsourcing partners overseas, the advantage of receiving BIM work ahead of time is there. If the outputs are received during the night due to the difference in time, you may have them ready to publish in the morning. Particularly partners who are long hours ahead or behind on time such as in the US, UK and Australia can be advantageous.


Guest Author

Ar. Ankit Kansara is a Founder and CEO of Virtual Building Studio, Gold Medalist Architect and BIM Pundit. He has extensively worked in India, Singapore, and the UK, where he was exposed to BIM (Building Information Modeling). He believes in helping general contractors, architects and engineers by implementing BIM technology to achieve design finesse.

He understands how rewarding the design and construction process can be when technology and culture embrace a new era of innovation.

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