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Past Events | 106

[G106] Digital Transformation Journey at Indian AEC Sector, for Digital Construction Online Summit 2022, Organized by Oliver Kinross Events, Feb 2022, Online.

[G105] Digital Transformation Strategies: Macro-Meso-Micro for Military Engineering Services Officers, Govt. of India, At the Workshop organized by MCRHRDI, 20th Jan 2022, Online.

[G104] BIM in Tertiary Education System at FDP organized by Council of Architecture and DSATM, 18th Jan 2022, Online.

[G103] Panel on Role of Digital Technologies at Infra Build India 2022, Organized by India Infrastructure Publishing, 18th Jan 2022, Online.

[G102] BIM and Digital Twin simulations for AEC Sector, at World Resources Webinar – Industry 4.0 training, Organized by The University of the West Indies at Mona, 14th Jan 2022, Online.

[G101] Increased efficiencies with Digital Twin for AEC Operations, Vamrr AEC Transformation Summit 2021, 16th Dec 2021, Online.

[G100] 2nd Project Management Conclave, Organized by L&T Institute of Project Management, 14th Dec 2021, Online

[G99] Strategic Advisor at BIM for Digitalization of Critical utility Service, organized by FOCUS, 11th Dec 2021, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.

[G98] Digital Transformation of construction for expansion of Indian Infrastructure sector, Geo Smart India, 8th Dec 2021, HICC, Hyderabad, India.

[G97] Leadership Round Table on Digital Twins in AECO, Organized by Unreal Engine, USA, 24th Nov 2021, Online.

[G96] Digital Transformation trends at career development webinar series, organized by Bentley systems, USA, 23rd Nov 2021, Online.

[G95] Digital Transformation Strategies: Market, organization and Project specific digital strategies, Organized by School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, Loughborough University, United Kingdom, 3rd Nov 2021, Online.

[G94] The need for standardizing BIM Implementation in Indian AEC Sector at Digital Construction and Project Management Summit 2021, Organized by Convolign in association India BIM Association and BIMCrew, 7-8th October 2021, Online.

[G93] The need for BIM in Tertiary Education System at FDP titled Digital Transformation Trends in Construction Industry, Organized by Sona College of Technology with AICTE, 4-8 Oct 2021, Online.

[G92] Panel on Smart building, Smart city and Green Construction,  Organized by Amity University, Haryana, 24th Sep 2021, Online.

[G91] Discussions on Incorporating BIM in Tertiary Education System at FDP titled Past Design Future, Organized by Council of Architecture – TRC with DSATM, Bangalore, 23-27 Sep 2021, Online.

[G90] Virtual Roundtable on Digital Twins for Construction Project Management 2021, Organized by Indian Infrastructure, 21st Sep 2021, Online.

[G89] Intelligent Living at IntelliGen Summit 2021, Organized by CII-Confederation of Indian Industry, 21-22 Sep 2021, Online.

[G88] Project Management asper Industry 4.0 with BIM, Organized by PMI-Project Management Institute, Chennai Chapter, 18th Sep 2021, Online.

[G87] The Key Processes Organizations go through to successfully adopt at BIM & Digital Transformation – The Key Processes, Organized by Digital Construction Hub, 8th Sep 2021, Online.

[G86] Digital Construction for Indian AECO Sector, Organized by CEPT University, 3rd Sep 2021, Online.

[G85] Speaker and Panellist on Asia BIM Collaboration: BIM Adoption in Asia at BCT Expo, Organized by BCT and TBIMA, Bangkok, Thailand, 1st Sep 2021, Online.

[G84] Managing Construction Sector Projects with BIM, At distinguished lecture series organized by SRM University AP, 27th August 2021, Online.

[G83] Session 1: Infrastructure, technology & sustainability at CII SR Smart Cities Summit, Organized by CII- Confederation of Indian Industry, 29th July 2021, Online.

[G82] Digitalization in Construction Phase at ACE 2021 - Advances in Construction Engineering, Organized by JSS Academy of Technical Education, 26th July 2021, Online. 

[G81] Integration of BIM in Construction education at national online workshop titled pedagogy of construction in architectural education, Organized by Council of Architecture and GD Goenka University, 23-24th July 2021, Online.

[G80] The year of data driven efficiency at Construction Technology Summit 2021, 22-23 July 2021, Organized by ASAPP Info Global Group in association with First Construction Council and India BIM Association, 22-23 July 2021, Online.

[G79] The need for National BIM Standards for Indian AEC Sector in the Faculty Development program – AICTE. Organized by IIT Palakkad and India BIM Association, 19-23 July 2021, Palakkad, Kerala, India.

[G78] Digital Transformation Journey in Indian AEC Sector and Way forward in the Faculty Development program – AICTE. Organized by IIT Palakkad and India BIM Association, 19-23 July 2021, Palakkad, Kerala, India.

[G77] The Digital Transformation Journey at the summit reset 2021 and beyond, organized by CII-Confederation of Indian Industry, 21st July 2021, Online.

[G76] Panel discussion on shaping the future of construction through technology, at Festival of Digital Construction Summit, Organized by Oliver and Kinross Events. 5th July 2021, Online.

[G75] Panel discussion on recovering from COVID19 – The new digital construction landscape, at Festival of Digital Construction Summit, Organized by Oliver and Kinross Events. 6th July 2021, Online.

[G74] Digital Transformation Journey at Larsen & Toubro at Mega Construction Show, 14-15 June 2021, Online.

[G73] Panel on new age of smart construction: Assessing the latest technologies, innovations and trends at Mega Construction Show, 14-15 June 2021, Online.

[G72] The way forward for Contractor organizations Digital Transformation, Seminar organized by L&T’s BIM Academy, 9th June 2021, Online.

[G71] The Ecosystem building for Digital Transformation by India BIM Association at Indian AEC market at Future City Summit 2021, Organized by BIM4Turkey and ciddi-future city lab, 20-21 May 2021, Turkey.

[G70] Key areas to focus for Digital Transformation in Indian AEC Sector. Event organized by Forum of Critical Utility Services, 24th April 2021, Online.

[G69] BIM for construction safety planning for NPTEL. Session delivered through IIT Delhi’s Construction Safety Program for NPTEL, 27th March 2021, Online. URL.

[G68] The need of BIM in Indian Tertiary Education System at Faculty Development program organized by DSATM, 12th April 2021, Bangalore, India.

[G67] Globalization to inclusiveness Digital Transformation in the Webinar series on 70 years of Indian Architecture – QUADRANTS’ 2021 – Vanguards of Indian Architecture, Organized by Council of Architecture Training and Research Centre-Bhopal in Association with BMS college of Architecture, 23rd April 2021, Bangalore, India.

[G66] BIM for Mega Infrastructure Projects in the Mega Infrastructure Summit 2021, 6-7th April 2021, The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore, India.

[G65] BIM for Built Environment at Five-day virtual higher management course for MES Officers (Brigadiers, Colonels IDSE officers CEOC-20), 23-27th March 2021, Organized by Ministry of Defense and Dr. MCR HRD Institute of Telangana, Telangana, India.

[G64] BIM & Digital Transformation at 1st International Conference on Advances in Construction Materials and Management (ACMM-2021) on virtual mode, 25-26 March 2021, Department of Civil Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, Chennai, India.

[G63] Digital Transformation Journey, 19th Feb 2021, RICS, Amity University, New Delhi, India.

[G62] BIM Education in Tertiary Education System in the Workshop on BIM Revit Architecture organized during Technical Symposium Invente 5.0, 23rd Jan 2021, Chennai, India.

[G61] Guest Session an Graduation Day 2021of Sona College of Technology, 17th Jan 2021, Salem, India. 

[G60] Panel Discussion on How BIM is changing construction Industry in India, Organized by HILTI in association with India BIM Association, 12thJan 2020, Online.

[G59] BIM Applications – an integrated part of smart city constructions at ATAL FDP – Smart Cities – concept, strategies, opportunities and challenges, 8th Jan 2021, Online.

[G58] Smart construction with BIM and GIS as integrated solution for building sector. National Technical Seminar on Smart Construction at BUILDTECH2020, Organized by BAI-Builders Association of India Mysore Centre, 8th Jan 2021, MBCT Auditorium, Mysore, India.

[G57] BIM for progressing buildings and cities at 12th GRIHA Summit, Organized by TERI- The Energy and Resources with the support from MNRE- Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, 15-16th Dec 2020, NewDelhi, India.

[G56] Industry Consultation BIM Workshop – Adoption of Government led BIM in India, Organized by CPWD-Central Public Works Department and British High Commission, 11th and 14th Dec 2020, Online.

[G55] GEOBIM Maturity Model at GEOBIM2020 – Construction 4.0, 3-4th Dec 2020, Organized by Geospatial Media & Communications, Amersfoort, Netherlands.

[G54] BIM for Built Environment at Five-day virtual higher management course for MES Officers, 1-5th Dec 2020, Organized by Ministry of Defense and Dr. MCR HRD Institute of Telangana, Telangana, India.

[G53] Digital Transformation in Indian AEC Sector at BCT-Building Construction Technology virtual exhibition and webinars, 25-30th Nov 2020, Organized by IMPACT and Thailand BIM Association, Bangkok, Thailand.

[G52] Importance of BIM in Education, Policy and Certification at KNOWVEMBER 2020, 26th Nov 2020, Organized by Institute of Project Management and BIM Academy of L&T Construction, Chennai, India.

[G51] Speaker at III International Seminar – The BIM Era, 24-26th Nov 2020, Organized by SINAENCO-Brazil’s National Association, Sau Paulo, Brazil.

[G50] Institutional role in adopting BIM for Built environment at Sort term training Program under AQIS 2019-20 – Application of BIM in Performance Assessment of Built Environment, Organized by Kolhapur Institute of Technology, 19-24 Oct 2020, Kolhapur, India.

[G49] Guest Speaker on Overview of BIM at BIM E-SUMMIT 1.0, Organized by BIM-Club of RICS-Amity University, 17th Oct 2020, Mumbai, India.

[G48] Basics of BIM and its application in Infrastructure Asset Management at FDP-Transport Infrastructure Asset Management, NIT Suratkal, 25th Sep 2020, Suratkal, India.

[G47] Unique ways in which they break boundaries to disrupt the built environment sector at Shadow Summit 2020 - World-wide virtual event, 22-23 Sep 2020, Georgia, United States.

[G46] BIM at National Workshop on BIM organized by Association of Consulting Civil Engineers, 22nd Sep 2020, Mysore, India.

[G45] Virtual Summit on Powering Urban Transformation with Technology: A Holistic Approach to Smart Cities, 17th Sep 2020, Geo Smart India, Online.

[G44] How IBIMA supported Digital Transformation in Indian Market at BIM forum Brazil Launch Event, 16th Sep 2020, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

[G43] BIM Skills and competencies to support AEC organizations in Digital Transformation at L&T GET Orientation Programme, Organized by L&T Construction DC HR, 18th Aug 2020, Chennai, India.

[G42] The World After – Sustainable & Resilient urban Future – Live Virtual Conference, 4th Aug 2020, Dassault Systems, Online.

[G41] The need for BIM Skilled Professionals in Indian AECO Sector at Industry-Institution interaction Programme on Construction Management and its opportunities organized by Institutions Innovation Council-MHRD Initiative, 9th July 2020, Coimbatore, India.

[G40] The need for BIM Skilled Professionals in Indian AECO Sector at PlaceX 2020 Organized by Indian Institute of Infrastructure and Construction, 6-7th July 2020, Kerala, India.

[G39] BIM Conference 2020 – Agents for Digital Transformation organized by India BIMCrew and India BIM Association, 5th July 2020, Bangalore, India.

[G38] BIM for Digital Transformation Summit at Confederation of Indian Industry, 13th June 2020, NewDelhi, India.

[G37] Digital Transformation Journey in Indian AEC Sector at the festival of BIM & Digital Construction – the world’s largest virtual event for Digital Construction, 6th May – 15th June 2020, London, UK.

[G36] BIM for Digital Transformation of a Construction Organization at L&T Construction Webinar, Organized by Division Corporate HR, L&T, 30th May 2020, Chennai, India.

[G35] Skilled workforce for Digital Transformation at BIM Webinar organized by India BIM Association, 23rd May 2020, Bangalore, India.

[G34] The need for BIM skilled professionals at virtual seminar organized by CII-Confederation of Indian Industry, 9th May 2020, Chennai, India.

[G33] The need for skilled workforce for Digital transformation, Organized by Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, VTU, 30th April 2020, Bangalore, India.

[G32] BIM for Real Estate Organizations at CREDAI National Webinar, organized by CREDAI – India, 23rd April 2020, Online.

[G31] Keynote Speaker and Panel member on Digital Transformation Strategies at BIM Middle East 2020 Conference and Expo, 16-17th March 2020, Dubai, UAE.

[G30] BIM - Skill Development to become BIM ready graduate at SRIJAN 2020 - Largest Civil Engineering Fest in Himalayas, Organized by IIT Mandi, 23rd Feb 2020, Himachal Pradesh, India.

[G29] Digital cities session of 16th International Exhibition & Conference on Smart & Sustainable City at Municipalika 2020, 12th Feb 2020, Bangalore, India.

[G28] Knowledge sharing session on Global trends & new age technologies in construction sector, Organized by Department of International Development, UK Government, 20th Jan 2020, India International Center, NewDelhi, India.

[G27] BIM as Project Management tool at Estate Project Management workshop for Technical Officers of Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications, Govt. of India., 31st Jan 2020, SPA, Bhopal, India.

[G26] Digital Transformation in Indian AECO Sector at NIT Trichy, 24th Jan 2020, Trichy, India.

[G25] First Level Leadership Programme for Managers organized by L&T Construction, 21st Jan 2020, Chennai, India.

[G24] Digital Transformation in Indian AEC Sector at NIT Suratkal, 10th Jan 2020, Suratkal, India.

[G23] BIM at L&Ts First Level Leadership Programme, 18th Dec 2019, Chennai, India.

[G22] The need for BIM in Tertiary Education System at Industry Academia Conclave 2019, 17th Dec 2019, L&T Construction, Chennai, India.

[G21] BIM & Digital Construction Conference – EXCON 2019, Jointly organized by CII- Confederation of Indian Industry, India BIM Association and BIMCrew, 13th Dec 2019, BIEC, Bangalore, India.

[G20] BIM and GIS for smart and sustainable cities at Geo Smart India 2019 conference, 5th Dec 2019, HICC, Hyderabad, India.

[G19] Digital Transformation at CII IQ Global Quality Summit 2019, Organized by CII-Confederation of Indian Industry, 23rd Nov 2019, Bangalore, India.

[G18] Necessary skills and competencies to become BIM Ready Graduate at IIT Madras, 2nd Nov 2019, Chennai, India.

[G17] BIM and its implementation strategy in International Construction Projects, Organized by AIMS-Dubai, 17th Nov 2019, Chennai, India.

[G16] Necessary skills and competencies to become BIM Ready Graduate at IIT Delhi, 10th Nov 2019, NewDelhi, India.

[G15] World Infrastructure Congress 2019, organized by Mindspace, 15th Oct 2019, Mumbai, India.

[G14] BIM Objects for smart facility at Building Insulation and Roofing Industry 2019 Exhibition, 11-13th Oct 2019, Bangalore, India.

[G13] Global trends in BIM R&D, Implementation, Mandates and education at BIM Middle East 2019 Conference & Expo, 23-24 Sep 2019, Dubai, UAE.

[G12] Digital transformation in Indian AECO Sector at UVCE, Bangalore University, Aug 2019, Bangalore, India.

[G11] Collaborator at EXPO BIM Chile 2019 organized by Autonomous University of Chile, 7-8th Aug 2019 Santiago, Chile.

[G10] BIM Seminar on BIM technologies, processes and policies and its developments at Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, 12th April 2019, Bangalore, India.

[G9] BIM Workshop on BIM for construction project management with Project Management Institute at Atria Institute of Technology, 11th April 2019, Bangalore, India.

[G8] BIM Seminar on the need of BIM Education for AECO sector students at RV College of Engineering, 29th Jan 2019, Bangalore, India.

[G7] BIM Seminar on BIM Education, Research & Implementation at Christ Univ., 10th Jan 2019, Bangalore, India.

[G6] Guest Speech on Global trends in BIM Research & Establishing BIM project strategies at Civil Engineering Department, Chulalongkorn University, 4th August 2018, Bangkok, Thailand.

[G5] Participated in workshop on Industrialization for Modular Construction at Research Institute for Sustainable urban Development, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 30th June 2018, Hong Kong, China.

 [G4] One Mega Event 2018 for the session title Green buildings: Design and technology for sustainability, 23rd May 2018, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.

[G3] Guest Session at India Hospital Design and Build Summit 2018, 22-23rd Feb 2018, Hotel Le Meridien, Gurgaon, India.

[G2] Spread awareness on BIM and Digitalization at the Construct India BIG5, 14-16th Sep 2017, Mumbai, India.

[G1] KKHTCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, December 3-5, 2016, Hong Kong, China.

World Infrastructure Congress 2019, Mumbai.

Date - 15 Oct 2019

The global trends for acquisition, investments and development in the real estate and infrastructure industry have undergone a dynamic progression over the last decade and are moving towards a positive revolution in the near future. Even though the industry has faced multiple challenges, there has always been an optimistic economic evolution in the sector owing to the ever increasing demand for urbanization and the rapid rate of geographic infrastructural expansion. Today’s infrastructure stakeholders have adapted to changes in processes and services and are experiencing a definite profitability from investing and developing regional and global infrastructure. The use of digital disruptions are not only driving an evolutionary change in the global infrastructure realm but also ensuring maximized profitability and efficiency in work function, process building and economic progression.

BIM Session at WIC 2019.jpeg
BIM session at WIC 2019 1.jpeg

BIM Seminar at Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, Bangalore.

Date- 12th April 2019

It was a nice interactive session with Civil Engineering students of SVCE- Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering at RACE 2K19 technical seminar. Third and fourth year students were exposed to BIM, its trends with respect to education, R&D, mandates and implementation. I like to thank the Civil Department Chair, professors and students for giving me this opportunity. Civil Engineering Department of SVCE is motivated to diffuse BIM in its curriculum to prepare its students as BIM ready graduates.


BIM Seminar at Atria Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

Date- 11th April 2019

We had a wonderful time with Civil Engineering students of Atria Institute of Technology. We likes to thank both PMI and Atria Institute for giving an opportunity. Students were able to get better understanding on Global trends in BIM and Scope of BIM in project management.


BIM Seminar at R.V. College of Engineering (RVCE), Bangalore.

Date- 29th Jan 2019

rv 1.jpg

We had a nice knowledge sharing session today on BIM and its importance to students of Civil, Mechanical, Industrial Engineering, Electrical, Electronics, Bio technology, Computer science, Aerospace, telecommunication, information science and chemical Department of RVCE, Bangalore. Myself and Adnan like to thank Dr. Vikram and his colleagues to make this successful knowledge sharing session.

rv 2.jpg

BIM Seminar at India BIM Association Office, Bangalore.

Date- 20th Jan 2019

We organized a BIM seminar at IBIMA's head office in Bangalore. This workshop mainly focused on educating the AECO sector students and professionals about the Global trends in BIM education, research and implementation. It was interesting to meet 26 Indian AECO sector professionals from different departments. We discussed about current process of working in BIM Environment and necessary changes to be made. IBIMA's vision is to serve as the voice of India’s BIM community, India BIM Association represents, supports and advocates on behalf of the entire Indian BIM community to build a positive business environment for the efficient deployment of BIM, for all engaged in utilizing BIM technologies, processes and protocols in India. You are welcome to join this initiative.

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-04 at
WhatsApp Image 2019-02-04 at

BIM Seminar at Christ University, Bangalore.

Date- 10th Jan 2019

We had a interactive Session with Civil Engineering Department students and faculty. I like to thank Prof. Aravind Bashyam and his colleagues who invited us for this session. BIM technologies, processes and policies are now becoming a prerequisite for several infrastructure projects delivered in Indian AECO Sector. Few of these projects are Versova Banda sea link project, Pune Metro, Bangalore airport T2, etc.several clients from state ministries in India are realizing the benefits of expecting BIM in their projects. This is creating a trend of top down approach for BIM diffusion in the market. On the other side, Academia is showing interest for diffusing BIM in their curriculum as an elective to start with. And, It is good to see that Civil Department faculty at Christ University has taken a positive move towards diffusing BIM in their curriculum. It will be nice to see all the future Civil engineers as BIM ready graduates.

christ 1.jpg
christ 2.jpg

IBIMA at Smart Cities India Expo, Delhi

Date- 23rd - 25th May 2018

The 4th Smart Cities India Expo 2018, the largest trade show and conference of its kind in the country, saw the presence of H.E. Daniel Carmon, Ambassador of Israel to India, Shri C R Chaudhary – Honourable Minister of State for Commerce & Industry, Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey, Honourable Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Shri Durga Shanker Mishra, IAS, Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, and Shri L C Goyal, IAS (Retd.), Chairman, India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO).

The Smart Cities Mission is central to the overall strategy to accommodate the massive urbanisation that is expected in the future. The government’s mission to develop smart cities opens up massive opportunities for contribution from various organisations, thinkers, technology providers, etc. 99 cities have been selected as part of the Smart Cities Mission, with a total allocation of `2.04 lakh crore to be utilised for multiple projects.

IBIMA at the Construct India BIG5, Mumbai

Date- 14th -16th Sep 2017

The Big 5 Construct India is an annual meeting place for the construction community in India. In this 5th year, the international exhibition and conference bring together buyers and sellers to network with construction experts, share knowledge and discover the latest trends in the construction industry. IBIMA has participated in this training spreading the awareness about BIM Education in India. Students and professionals from various countries were present. The IBIMA members took the voluntary responsibility of handling the 3 days long session.  

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