Membership Procedure

   India BIM Association Membership Procedures are as follows:

  • Download and Fill the membership application form at the “Membership” page of IBIMA and upload it here .

  • Submit the completed application form with all supporting documents (example: Portfolio for Professional and Associate membership). Save and upload the filled application renaming in this format "Membership type"_"Name"_"Date"(excluding quotes) . Example- GIBIMA_Yash_29jan19

  • All applications will be initially assessed by the Executive committee prior to the membership interview.

  • Based on Assessment and initial assessment result (i.e. Recommend for membership interview / Defer – request for additional information / Reject), applicant will be invited by Executive Committee to attend an online interview (normally within 3 months from receiving the application).

  • Executive Committee will assess the application according to the criteria set down below.

  • Member title/ number will be issued to the successful applicants upon approval by the Executive committee.

  • Unsuccessful applicants will be informed with reason.

  • The application of any applicant who cannot attend the interview(s) arranged by Executive Committee for more than three months’ period will be considered invalid. Applicants who still want to apply for membership should submit a new application.

  • Once the applicant fulfills all the criteria, the Executive Committee shall inform the amount of Fee to paid by the Applicant as per their Membership type and term, the Applicant shall pay the fee within the time prescribed by the Executive Committee from time to time.