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Armour Of God 1986 3li Bluray 720p English Subtitles




srt subtitles and an original score. This version contains no cuss words or adult scenes and I assume all scenes will be similar to the English version of the story.The second version is a dubbed version with dubbed sound and not original Japanese audio (or English for that matter). This version contains adult scenes and some scenes are profane. The Synopsis: Ichika Kurosaki is a 12 year old boy who was adopted when he was 2 years old. After 10 years of being adopted he notices something different about himself. Every time he takes a shower he can feel someone watching him and if he is wearing any material that touches his skin he can feel something invisible on his body. He soon discovers this is the type of power that all his kind have. When he turns 13 he begins to discover that he has some of the same powers that his parents had when they were children. [There is a scene that will be censored in this version. For those who want to see the uncensored version of the movie please look for the "CUSTOM CUT" version of the movie] (Pictures and trailers will be censored from the uncut version) The Movie: Chapters 1 through 6 of the anime version of Kekkaishi have been translated into English by kiragawase and other people. The anime starts with Ichika as a child, one day after returning home from a day at the beach he finds out that he has been adopted, something he did not know about, but he also discovers something even more shocking. Chapter 1: "The Night It All Started"This is where the first half of the anime begins, this is where Ichika first discovers that he has powers and then he and his adopted family set out to find his biological parents. Chapter 2: "Wedding Guests"This is where the second half of the anime begins and Ichika will enter a training program to learn how to use his new powers. Chapter 3: "Expelled"This is where Ichika will leave home and go to school at an all girls school. Chapter 4: "Out of Sight"This is where Ichika will go to school with his new friend and fellow classmate O




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Armour Of God 1986 3li Bluray 720p English Subtitles

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