India BIM Tour 2019









A big hug from IBIMA-India BIM Association. We from IBIMA are planning to organize India BIM tour 2019, which focus on spreading about BIM-Building Information Modeling and digitalization for maturing Indian AECO-Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation Sector. As part of this India BIM tour, we like to organize either a two-hour BIM Seminar or six-hour BIM workshop to your students between 10th March 2019 to 20th May 2019. It is requested to update us at-least ten days in advance for organizing BIM seminar or workshop at your campus. Please write to us at Email: and Mobile: +91 9686623376


Looking at the global trends of BIM progression (70+ countries involved in BIM Research & Development, 30+ countries focusing on BIM in their AECO related curriculum, 16+ countries mandated BIM for their projects), it is now the need for AECO sector students and professionals to focus on gaining BIM skills and competencies to be competitive in the sector. We from IBIMA will help you diffuse BIM in your existing curriculum. 


  • Certificate of participation from IBIMA.

  • Provide direction for students towards BIM related higher studies, employment and research.

  • Access to the useful information to learn, implement and R&D on BIM related topics.

  • Opportunity to volunteer at IBIMA for BIM related R&D in the field of BIM Education, Policy Development, Maturity assessments and Events.

  • Handouts during the sessions.

  • Networking opportunity with members at IBIMA.

Topics of discussion in BIM Seminar and workshop are listed below. 


BIM seminar - Topics of discussion

  • Introduction to BIM-Building Information Modeling.

  • Global trends in BIM - Education, R&D and Mandates.

  • Showcasing few BIM projects delivered in Indian AECO sector 


BIM workshop - Topics for discussion

  • Global trends in BIM – Education, Research & development and Mandates.

  • Understanding AECO-Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation organizations & its stakeholders.

  • BIM stakeholder’s skills and competencies.

  • RIBA project life cycle stages.

  • BIM Uses across the Project Life Cycle.

  • Establishing BIM project strategies.

  • Automation techniques used in BIM.

  • Application and workflows of construction methods adopted in India.

  • Application and workflows of BIM in the Indian AECO sector.

  • Overview of the BIM Authoring tools.

  • The future of making things and the advanced technologies in digital engineering.

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